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Campfire on the Go! We are very excited to receive this awesome review from FAMILY REVIEW CENTER. Thank You!   REVIEW: Campfire on the go! Smores have never been so plausible. With OneLogFires, you no longer have to carry a bag of charcoal, lighter fluid and an axe to have a campfire... All you need is a lighter or some matches and you are all set. OneLogFires make camp fires, beachfront fires and backyard fires a simple task. Now we can enjoy a three hour fire with little effort or cleanup. These are real logs, lightweight and drilled perfectly to quickly light and enjoy. No preparation needed. They are made by a family owned business, by hand and carefully done...

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Welcome to OneLogFire

Hello everyone and thank you for your interest in OneLogFire. Stay tuned for more information about our products.   

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