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Brand: OneLogFire

Product Description

The Tabletop Fire pit Stand makes watching a fire convenient, easy and hassle free

The OneLogFire Tabletop Fire Pit Stand is an decorative addition when using the OneLogFire firepits and OneLogFire Original or Mini logs. The tabletop Firepit stand is made from Black Wrought iron with three legs. It stands 20" tall, 16" wide and can hold up to 25 pounds of weight. Shipped aleady assembled for you to use immediately the OneLogFire Firepit stand is light weight at 4.5 lbs, which makes it the perfect partner to show your OneLogFire pit and logs. This convenient holder can also be used to support and hold other items off the floor’s surface, such as flower planters, campfire wood, a table top or drinks. It is sure to please in your outdoor setting, deck, patio or yard. Home decor and enjoyment of a nearby fire has never been easier, and makes for an memorable and romantic, fun setting. 

This accessory adds to your patio, outdoor or event décor to display the firepit with the intent of maximizing your guests line of sight to enjoy a fire. People who enjoy a OneLogFire like this Firepit stand because it offers a unique and innovative way to show how a small, hassle free and convenient campfire can add ambiance, romance and fun anywhere! The Tabletop Fire Pit Stand is easily portable and is perfect for a beach or lakeside bonfire, backyard barbecue, in a fireplace or simply as a way to add ambiance to your next celebration. Add a Tabletop Fire Pit Stand to your OneLogFire order today!




Shipping Details:

The Tabletop Fire Pit Stand is shipped via Fedex ground with a delivery time of 2-5 business days after order is processed.


Tabletop Fire Pit-Stand gives your guests an easy way to enjoy a OneLogFire!