8-Pack Medium Size OneLogFire + Free Shipping

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Brand: OneLogFire

Product Description

OneLogFire 8-Pack medium size.

Limited Time Only Close-out Special!

Enjoy this great fire log package with friends and family these logs have an estimated burn time of 1 hour.

The OneLogFire has a hole on the side for quick and easy lighting and a handle on the top for effortless transportation. The Medium Size OneLogFire fire log measures 5'' in diameter by 8” in height so perfect for toting it along for any occasion. The scent of Red Pine is soothing and knowing that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has given their certification means this fire log is free of bugs, Using a OneLogFire means you will use less wood, and have no hassles in lighting a fire or in hauling messy Firewood around with you. The Firestarter is also all natural and will not create an odor or taste for your food, so you can enjoy marshmallows, hot dogs or any of your other campfire recipes using the OneLogFire