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Birth of the Firelog

  In 2009, Bill Bies and his family began selling a portable quick start firelogs modeled after a traditional Swedish torch, aptly dubbed One Log Fire. Initially, the firelogs were only sold locally in Minnesota at a few home and garden retailers. Their goal was to inspire others to gather around a fire to enjoy one another's company or some peaceful serenity of the outdoors by providing a convenient portable firelogs that only needed a couple of hours to burn. Little did they know that their firelogs passion project would grow into a full-fledged business


Initially, the firelogs were only sold locally in Minnesota at a few home and garden retailers. However, the fire log business quickly gained traction after Pete Mihalek featured One Log Fire in his editorial opening of Lawn & garden Retailer in 2012. Suddenly orders for the firelogs started coming in from around the country, pleasantly surprised and totally unaware of the article Bill humbly asked callers, "Where did you find us?".  From that point, firelog sales began expanding coast to coast as consumers delighted in One Log Fire's convenience. Not long thereafter the One Log Fire firelog was recognized by The Grommet as an innovative product made in the USA. 

Innovative FireLog continues to delight consumers

What consumers and retailers found so attractive about One Log Fire firelogs was its compact and thoughtful design––freeing campers, apartment dwellers, backyard enthusiasts, and beachgoers from the mess of traditional campfires with a lightweight, portable firelog solution. Each bark-free, kiln-dried firelog gives up to two hours of fireside warmth and entertainment. The clean bark-free design makes it the easiest firelog to pack, grab and go, or even gift. One Log Fire fans discover the center drilled hole does more than help the firelog burn efficiently; it also creates a spectacular display of fire sprites or dancing flames. For years now the Bies family and others have enjoyed a game of trying to capture these "fire dancers" by snapping images of the firelog burning.

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