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OLF was born for media. No really, OLF started out as a hobby product, but was quickly discovered by the editor of Lawn & Garden Retailer, Pete Mihalek. During the editor's visit to Minneapolis, MN, OLF happened to be on display at Dundee Nursery. Before we knew it OLF was getting orders from both coasts. Curious to know where our buyers from afar heard about us, we asked. And that's when we discovered we weren't just mentioned in the journal we were actually featured in the publication's letter from the editor! Since then we've had the honor of being featured by various publications and broadcasts. If you'd like to feature OLF in an upcoming article or broadcast, please contact founder Bill Bies by email at


There is just something about sitting around a fire – big or small. That flame seems to hold special powers, allowing us to relax and enjoy the time spent with nature.

Campfires are usually reserved for those weekend trips camping or to a cabin, as most city dwellers don’t have the luxury of starting a fire in their backyard. One Log Fire is changing the game with a self-contained fire meant to go anywhere.

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Momma Told Me: Smores are for Camping.

I won't lie; growing up I never had a 'smores experience.' My family went camping, once, as part of a (Girl Scouts) troop activity and Momma was over it before the sun even went down. We packed up long before the campfire was tended and Kum Ba Ya began. Ever since that fateful day, some 22 years back now, I've longingly swooned at the sight of roasted marshmallows in reality TV shows and iconic movies (yes, even the tainted mallows used in Hangover II). It's not so much about the chocolate and graham crackers; you can get those in just about any type of sweet (pop tarts, ice cream, cereal, candy bars), really. It's more about the symbol of unity one associates with sitting around a campfire telling jokes and stories while scraping the lightly charred layer of fluff off their skewers. It's about bonding and making memories.

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Now you can take your campfire anywhere, with no stove, no stack of timber and no mess. The One Log Fire is a unique, packable, complete all-natural fire system. Just light the wick in the hollowed out, kiln-dried log, and the non-toxic fire starters packed inside the log will ignite and give you a warm two-hour fire. It even comes with a handle, and isn’t much larger than a can of paint. Take it anywhere, and make your fires convenient and hassle free.

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Summer is fleeting, but that’s easily forgotten with a One Log Fire. While sitting around a messy campfire is a great way to spend a summer evening, sometimes we could do without the messy bit. One Log Fire, a family business based in Minneapolis, creates individual kiln-dried logs that light easily, have a handle for portability, and burn from the inside for up to two hours.

Founder Bill Bies began toying around with the concept in 2009. About a year and a half later he came up with the way his company currently uses to make the logs in its Minneapolis workshop. “The concept of burning wood vertically rather than laying in a pile actually dates back to around the 1600s, because it burns more efficiently,” he notes.

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I'm both a tech geek and an entrepreneur. I love anything that's new, innovative, and exciting. I love products and services that change the way that we interact with the world around us. I love tinkering and creating. I love building things, and I love tearing them down. Here are just some of the latest and greatest that I've come across to help you find a gift for someone that shares my love of tech and all things awesome!

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You’re Invited to the 1st Annual A-List Awards

One Log Fire was invited to attend the 1st Annual A-List Awards. The evening will combine music, mingling and shopping, showcasing high-quality, American-made products from Midwest artisans including A-List nominees, LunaLux, Britta Lynn Jewelry, Nicole Porter, Max Martin, One Log Fire, and Chuck’s Custom Rods.

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Plan the perfect Thanksgiving and fall get-togethers with the products presented by lifestyle expert Kelley Minnaugh.

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We began the first leg of our trip through the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state with a visit to the Waterfront at Potlach RV Park. Today we continue on with our trip visiting Grayland Beach State Park. We arrive after a leisurely 80-mile drive and still have the majority of the day ahead of us. This is the beauty of exploring the Olympic Peninsula, as camping destinations and places to visit are within short proximity to one another.

After we set up camp, we hop into the truck and make our way down the road to the city of Westport. According to the Chamber of Commerce, we learn that Westport bills itself as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” That was not surprising to us as the marina was full of some pretty big fishing boats. The Westport Marina is also a great place to set your crab pots and pull in buckets of Dungeness crab. Crabbing, not fishing was our activity of the afternoon and we could hardly wait.

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