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OneLogFire 6-Pack Mini (Swedish fire log) You will love this easy to use fire log.

We are Blazing with excitement introduce OneLogFire Mini 6 Pack! The OneLogFire Mini is smaller version of the Original and is based on the Swedish fire log, a tool used in the middle ages for light, cooking and warmth. The OneLogFire Mini is an ingenious way to enjoy a fire in a simple, convenient and controlled way with a burn time of one hour. The OneLogFire Mini is a perfect way to enjoy the convenience of a small, easy to handle campfire, and with the accessabilty of having six Mini logs, you’ll have six times the fun! 

With just one match you can have a beautiful fire within a few minutes. The OneLogFire Mini is a portable quick start fire log that burns from the inside out to inspire gatherings around fires everywhere. The OneLogFire Mini measures 5'' in diameter by 6'' tall and is made from kiln dried Red Pine from sustainably harvested forests in Northern Minnesota. The OneLogFire Mini is changing the way we enjoy a campfire, using less wood than a traditional campfire. These DNR approved logs are easy to transport and because the Mini's only weigh one pound, they are perfect for backpacking, toting or a bring-along on a picnic, outdoor adventure or your next party! Great for the country or city, a beach, park, backyard or fireplace. These Swedish fire logs make a unique and innovative gift and are an affordable way to make a fun impression on your guests.

OneLogFire is all-Natural wood with no chemicals. Each log comes with its own Firestarter and because there are no chemicals, you can use the Mini for cooking over the fire. Use at your next celebration, Back yard BBQ or the beach. Makes a great gift idea! So easy for roasting marshmallows, hot dogs or anything you would make over a traditional fire but without the mess and hassle. 


Six times the fun with the OneLogFire Mini 6 pack! Sure to inspire family fun for both kids and adults! 

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The OneLogFire Swedish fire log makes a great gift!