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Key Features:

  •  Light-weight with carrying handle
  •  Easy to light & kiln dried 
  •  No cleanup
  •  Up to two hours of burn time
  •  Save money and time with the two-pack
  •  Perfect for s'mores!

Product Details:

Enjoy the magic of TWO OneLogFires (also known as a swedish fire) even longer when you order the Internet Special. You will receive two logs which measure approximately 6” in diameter by 8” in height. With an estimated burn time of approximately 2.0 hours, the two logs are the perfect way to create new memories around a fire. Take advantage of the Internet Special while supplies last. This is a great way to have a spare gift while enjoying a great memory making experience for yourself. Try the OneLogFire, or swedish fire log, with your favorite campfire recipes, marshmallows or for setting a special mood at your next event. A great party idea that will surprise and thrill your guests! and two times the fun.

The OneLogFire is a light and portable quick start fire log that burns from the inside to inspire gatherings around fires everywhere. The logs are harvested from local, Minnesota forests and meticulously kiln dried and cut. They feature a non-toxic fire starter on the side for quick lighting and a handle on the top for effortless transportation. The hole in the middle of the log ensures up to two hours of burn time. People purchase a OneLogFire because it is a unique and innovative way to light a small fire anywhere and is perfect for a beach or lakeside bonfire, backyard barbecue, in a fireplace or simply as a way to add ambiance to your next celebration.

This unique savings opportunity allows you to maximize your purchase and have a spare OneLogFire when you need it for that special occassion or as a great gift to someone you want to impress. 

Shipping Details:

The OneLogFire internet Special is shipped via Fedex Ground, please allow 2-5 business days for delivery after order is processed. Order now to enjoy your next fire! 

Why not Enjoy a swedish fire today!