Premium Split Firewood (Bundle)

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Our split firewood will make a crackling fire that brings warmth and comfort. The perfect setting for making lasting memories. So let's gather up some friends and family in the backyard and build a fire today!

The state-land cut logs we use for firewood come from DNR (Department of Natural Resources) sites. This means you will receive good burning, Klin Dried high quality split firewood. This is a mix of Oak, Birch and Maple.

We package the firewood in a 24”x40” woven polypropylene bag, which weighs 50-60 lbs. With 24-26 pieces of Split Firewood.

Note: Each bundle includes FREE Kindling and 2- Fire Starters

Availble for local pick up only. You may place your order online and then call us at 763-245-0095 to arrange pick up or delivery.

All of our Firewood is always stored indoors to insure your wood is kept dry and ready to use.

OneLogFire LLC. has been approved by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN DNR) to sell approved and certified firewood. Campers in Minnesota need to use firewood only from an approved DNR firewood vendor within 100 miles of where they will use it. Be sure to keep the receipt to show proof of purchase.

We hope you enjoy our split firewood from OneLogFire!