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OneLogFire Tabletop Fire pit Product Details: 

The OneLogFire Tabletop Fire Pit is designed and crafted to become the centerpiece of your patio, deck or yard as you enjoy the magic of a fire and is sure to add instant ambiance to your next gathering. The hand crafted, custom design of the firepit allows you to use the Tabletop Fire pit in a variety of ways. The Tabletop Fire Pit is intended to be used in combination with the burning of a OneLogFire log but can be used with any firewood, or other burnable products. The Firepit is made from Spun aluminum, and measures 18” inches in diameter by 4'' inches tall. The OneLogFire firepit is a two-piece system with a base and the spun pit or disc that sits on top of the base. The fire pit comes supplied with black lava rock. The firepit weights just 4.0 pounds, making it easy to take anywhere! The Tabletop Fire Pit can sit on a table or any flat surface, the ground or can be mounted on a stand. See OneLogFire's other products and accessories for even more ideas of how to maximize the beauty and enjoyment of your fire. Here's how to use your OneLogFire Tabletop Fire Pit:

1. Fill in the firepit base with other materials like river rock, glass marbles or sand for a different decorating experience

2. Use the supplied black lava rock in the base.

3. Enjoy!


One thing is sure: you will enjoy the beauty of a fire using the OneLogFire Tabletop fire pit at your ease and convenience while setting a decorative trend with the hottest, innovative and affordable way to showcase your taste.

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Tabletop fire pit is so unique!